How to Enter My Second Chance Game on GA Lottery

Georgia Lottery provides both online and retail ticket purchasing options; tickets may also be purchased directly at authorized retailers. Furthermore, its mobile app enables ticket scanning to find out if it has won, check previous draws’ results, purchase select lotteries and check results of previous draws – just keep in mind that gambling responsibly should always be your top priority!

The GA lottery’s second chance game gives you a second chance at claiming a cash prize. Simply enter the code from any non-winning ticket into a weekly drawing, if successful winning can either be given in one lump sum payment or split over 29 years – winnings could be huge with this option available in select states only but winnings could potentially reach hundreds or even thousands!

Georgia launched its legal online lottery in summer 2012. While still not fully functional, significant steps have already been made towards expanding services. In December 2011, the Department of Justice issued an opinion under the Wire Act that confirms that sales of lottery tickets over the Internet is legal.

The Georgia Lottery app makes staying connected with your favorite lotteries easy! Scan scratcher and draw game tickets, check winning numbers, purchase select lottery games and more all from the convenience of your phone or tablet! Enjoy secure payments options, and download it free at any time – all while staying secure using 128-bit SSL encryption backed by Apple and Android devices! It’s truly the easiest way to stay informed with lotteries!

Georgia Lottery Corporation is one of only a few state governments that allow players to play lottery online. Their website features many popular lotteries like Powerball and Cash Pop as well as special promotional offers, helpful resources, deposit limits and time notifications to help keep gambling under control; any winnings up to and including $5,000 are automatically paid into players accounts.

Joining Georgia Lottery Players Club for free can bring exclusive offers and rewards, like entering non-winning lottery tickets into second chance drawings and entering non-winning ones into second-chance drawings. Keno and Fantasy 5 games can also be found here! The state government oversees Georgia Lottery Corporation through a seven-member board of directors and joint legislative oversight committee, using revenue generated to fund state programs like HOPE Scholarship and Pre-K.


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