Can Casinos Control What You Win on Video Poker Machines?

Casino gamblers have for over a century attempted to find ways to beat slot machines and video poker machines, and several schemes actually worked – temporarily at least. We will explore some of these schemes here in this article, as well as whether casinos can actually control what you win when using these video poker machines.

Answer to this question is both yes and no. Casinos may alter the percentage payout of machines during live play by having technicians take them offline temporarily; however, this doesn’t change what cards you receive in a video poker game as those are determined by algorithms within each machine which must first be altered through taking game offline before modifying these algorithms.

Modern video poker machines are computer based games and therefore can be controlled by intelligent players who understand how the games operate and what the long term casino edge is. But doing this requires patience, discipline and support from professionals in order to achieve maximum potential returns from these machines.

As soon as video poker machines first made their debut in casinos in the 1970s, they proved immensely popular among gamblers who appreciated being able to make decisions instead of simply pulling a lever. Si Redd patented his version and established an international game technology company which listed on Nasdaq in 1981 – soon afterwards other firms produced their own versions of video poker games.

Software programming behind today’s video poker machines may appear simple; however, gaming regulators scrutinise them closely to ensure fair gameplay.

If a casino was caught rigging their video poker machines, they would face heavy fines and possibly lose their license to operate in most states. Random number generators used today’s slots and video poker games undergo constant tests to ensure they generate random results; this is what makes games fair allowing casinos to offer them in most states.

Skilled players can make a nice living playing video poker. Many choose it because of its attractive returns on investment for those willing to put in effort at mastering it. When gambling for fun or profit, be smart. Never gamble while under the influence of alcohol as this could lead to disaster. Furthermore, having a plan and sticking to it will help make you a more responsible gambler and reduce chances of mistakes – sticking to your plan should ensure years of happy gambling!


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